What People Are Saying
I have memories as far back as 2nd grade with kyle. I was always jealous of how tall he was and the advantage it gave him in most sports.  I never got closer to him than saying hi in the halls of school but none the less when we saw each other we always said hello.
The last time I had the pleasure of seeing your son was summer of '02, I believe in Carson City Nevada. We were at the same baseball tournament nearly 1,500 miles away from home, the last place I had expected to see someone running over towards me calling out my name.

The Kyle Charvat Foundation
The Kyle Charvat Foundation was formed with the goal of continuing the legacy of an incredibly courageous young man.  Kyle met his brain cancer head-on and with gusto; lifting weights while having radiation to his brain and doing push-ups after chemo treatments, all the while maintaining his status as a student on the Annual Dean’s List at the University of Washington.  He astonished his doctors and their staff with his good humor and steadfast positive attitude throughout his treatments.

After exhausting the usual treatments for an inoperable brain tumor, Kyle was faced with few options.  He was accepted to participate in an FDA approved clinical trial offering a new therapy for brain cancer in Houston, but his medical insurance refused to cover the expensive treatment – even though the medication extended his life by many months.  Anyone suffering from a life-threatening illness knows that every extra day counts and Kyle’s treatments afforded him a high quality of life during this time period.

When our children become young adults, they generally do not have adequate financial resources to afford high medical bills.  Most charitable organizations target young children and this leaves young adults in a somewhat anonymous group.  For those that suffer a catastrophic medical condition requiring medical care beyond what insurance will provide, there is often nowhere to turn to fund medical treatment.  The mission of the Kyle Charvat Foundation is to lend a helping hand to those unfortunate young adults that are in a similar position to the one Kyle faced so bravely.

Kyle didn’t live long enough to accomplish his goal of lending a helping hand to others in need, which has inspired us to carry on this legacy.  Please assist us in our effort with any type of help you feel you can offer – financially, volunteering, or other gifts or donations.  Together we can help others to live a longer, productive, more satisfying life.  
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