What People Are Saying
I have memories as far back as 2nd grade with kyle. I was always jealous of how tall he was and the advantage it gave him in most sports.  I never got closer to him than saying hi in the halls of school but none the less when we saw each other we always said hello.
The last time I had the pleasure of seeing your son was summer of '02, I believe in Carson City Nevada. We were at the same baseball tournament nearly 1,500 miles away from home, the last place I had expected to see someone running over towards me calling out my name.

Josh S.

Josh is bravely battling an aggressive form of large B cell lymphoma and facing the challenges of doing so as a young adult. The costs of medical care, housing, transportation to/from treatments at the hopsital, groceries, etc. have all added up. He is not currently working and is slated for a transplat operation which will take time to recover from.

The Kyle Charvat Foundation has provided Josh with funding to help cover medical bills, rent, groceries and gas while he continues to fight to get well.

Josh let us know how much these funds mean to him and his family:

"This help means the world to me. Thank you so much. I look forward to meeting some of the people that made this possible."

- Josh S.

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