What People Are Saying
To the Charvat family,
I am so sorry to hear about Kyle. Your son put a smile on so many people's face. He was so bright, so funny, and so humble. He had a passion for life, for his family, and for his friends. You both raised a wonderful son, and Kyle helped teach us all a lot about life.

Chelsea G.

Chelsea applied for assistance from the foundation in the spring of 2010. She lives in N. Marysville and needed to commute to UWMC daily for radiation treatments. While her family was able to provide transportation for the initial treatments, work commitments prevented them from having the ability to continue driving her. Given the geographic proximity of home, Chelsea’s only public transportation option would have required multiple bus transfers and a multiple hour journey both to and from treatments.

The Foundation provided funding to hire a driver and pay for mileage to get Chelsea to and from her radiation appointments at UWMC. As it turned out, we were able to get Kim O. (who is a recently retired social worker) to be the driver. Kim and Chelsea quickly forged a strong friendship which was a great source of support as Chelsea powered through her treatments. The situation proved to be a win/win for all involved and we were once again happy we were able to “lend a helping hand”!

Chelsea wrote us a great note detailing her experience with the Foundation:

I found out about the Kyle Charvat Foundation through the social worker at the University of Washington medical center.

I filled out a quick application, and within 2 days, I had a response from the foundation. They were very quick to address what I needed. First, whether it was transportation, funding for medical bills, lodging closer to the hospital, wigs when I lost my hair, anything I needed he was willing to find a way to help me.

We emailed back and forth several times and came up with a solution to my transportation problem. Rather than spending the foundations money in a less productive way; on a taxi service, or something similar to that, they were able to hire one of the foundations friends, Kim, to drive me every day for twenty out of thirty of my treatments. She was very kind and professional. It was nice that they provided me with someone that my parents and I could trust to bring me to Seattle and back home to North Marysville; even when the Cancer center and the U.W.M.C was running late and we had to wait for two hours, I never heard one complaint, it was great to have someone so positive around.

This was such a stressful and unsure time. I had no clue what to expect and how to go about everything and I’m so thankful for the Foundation and volunteers like Kim. Today, I still keep in touch with Kim; I have completed all of my radiation treatments and am back to my regular every day life. I couldn’t have dreamed of such a good thing during such a difficult time, and I owe all my thanks to the Kyle Charvat Foundation.

Chelsea G.

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