What People Are Saying
As I look down, even now, at the message on the bracelet, "A Helping Hand", and Kyle's initials, KC'05, as I have done so many times over the past year or so, it is a constant reminder for me to strive to "lend a helping hand to all who seek it" and to live each day to its fullest because you never know when it will be your last.

Brandon C.


Brandon was undergoing treatment for a brain tumor that materially affected his vision. Losing his independence and ability to drive was one more challenge to deal with as he battled the disease. The Kyle Charvat Foundation provided funding for Brandon to attend an occupational therapy evaluation and training for adaptive driving equipment that prolonged his ability to drive.

The social worker that helped connect Brandon with the Foundation provided the nice note below:

"The generous support of the Kyle Charvat Foundation allowed one of our young adult patients to be tested for adaptive driving accommodations in the hopes that he would be able to regain some of his independence, in a time when he was experiencing great loss in all areas of his life. The impact of this support was especially meaningful given the loss of function he had sustained from the tumor, the loss of identity he sustained from the having to suspend school,  social activities and his previous life goals.  It provided him hope and the promise of a renewed quality of life."

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