What People Are Saying
To the Charvat family,
I am so sorry to hear about Kyle. Your son put a smile on so many people's face. He was so bright, so funny, and so humble. He had a passion for life, for his family, and for his friends. You both raised a wonderful son, and Kyle helped teach us all a lot about life.

Austen E.

Austen has been battling Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma since 2008. Twice she has been declared in remission only to see the cancer fight back. A former collegiate goalkeeper at UC-Santa Barbara and the University of Miami, Austen is undergoing chemotherapy and preparing for a bone marrow transplant. The Kyle Charvat Foundation provided support for her travel and other living expenses as she prepares to undergo her bone marrow transplant.


Below is a great thank you note we received from Austen:

Just wanted to thank all of you so much! What you guys have done for me is so incredible and I can't even begin to tell you how much of an impact your generosity has had on my life. The money I received has so relieved all my financial pressures and has allowed me to focus on getting better instead of how I'm going to pay for my medicine or medical bills. What you guys have done has made all the difference in the world and I cannot tell you how much it means to me.  I know I will win my fight against cancer and I hope that one day I can bestow the same generosity to someone else, and change their life just how the Kyle Charvat Foundation has done for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
-Austen Everett

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