What People Are Saying
I have memories as far back as 2nd grade with kyle. I was always jealous of how tall he was and the advantage it gave him in most sports.  I never got closer to him than saying hi in the halls of school but none the less when we saw each other we always said hello.
The last time I had the pleasure of seeing your son was summer of '02, I believe in Carson City Nevada. We were at the same baseball tournament nearly 1,500 miles away from home, the last place I had expected to see someone running over towards me calling out my name.

Alex W.

Alex, a University of Washington student, was undergoing treatment for leukemia when he reached out to KCF. Alex underwent a stem cell transplant procedure, which required him and his family to stay at the Peter Gross House in Seattle for an extended time period before and after the procedure. The Kyle Charvat Foundation was able to supplement housing costs during Alex’s time in the SCCA housing.


From Alex's Parents

We want to thank the Kyle Charvat Foundation from the bottom of our hearts for their generous June rent payment they made to the Peter Gross House on behalf of our son, Alex.  

We have been staying here at the Peter Gross House for the past four months as Alex has undergone a stem cell transplant. Our insurance allowance has run out so this donation has helped us tremendously during this difficult time in our life.  

Truly another angel has touched our lives!  

Thank you very much,  

Alex’s Parents Boise, Idaho  

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