What People Are Saying
Though I never met Kyle, I lived with Megan at Delta Zeta. I remember Megan saying to me a couple years ago, I met this amazing guy at the IMA. He's cute, funny, and she was just so giddy. I remember thinking wow...this guy must be really great!!!! After reading all the stories and seeing all the pictures, it's very clear to me that Kyle was a "ONE OF A KIND"

Aaron O.

Aaron was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBT) brain turmor in early February. He is currently receiving treatments at the University of Washington Medical Center which are costly and impact his ability to work. The Kyle Charvat Foundation has provided funding to help cover medical bills as well as groceries to help Aaron continue to eat healthy, organic foods while he works to beat this cancer.

Aaron was recently marries and his wife Sarah expressed their gratitude to the foundation:

"This is excellent news -- Aaron and I are very grateful!  This will help us out immensely --I just wanted to thank you and Kelly for all your assistance! We are truly grateful!"

- Sarah O.

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