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To Kyle's family,.. You do not know me,.. Yet my heart goes out to you... I lost my husband age 39, in an auto accident,.. not long ago,.. My whole world seemed shattered.

Application Process

Who We Are: The Kyle Charvat Foundation, formed in 2006, is named after a courageous young man  who, at age 19, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Kyle was a student on the Annual Dean’s List at the University of Washington and was a new member of Theta Chi Fraternity when this devastating diagnosis  came. Refusing to succumb to a terminal prognosis, Kyle dove into treatment with the same good  humor and charisma that he had exhibited throughout his life. When conventional treatments failed, he  pressed forward and found a clinical trial he was eligible for, but the treatment was not funded and was  not located in his home state of Washington. Kyle’s family reached out to their community for help. His  fraternity brothers, the gentlemen of Theta Chi, answered the call--raising $100,000 for his treatment.  Through the cutting edge "experimental" treatment, Kyle was able to enjoy many months of high-quality  life--much longer than any of his doctors thought possible. Each of his additional days were precious.

Why We Are: When Kyle was sick his family, friends, and his fraternity brothers discovered the "no  man’s land" of being a college student with a life-threatening illness. Obtaining medical insurance can  be a challenge for this age group, unless 18 – 25 year olds are students and can get insurance under  their parents’ policies. Once they are sick and cannot remain a student, they are caught in a terrible  "Catch 22" – too sick to have insurance precisely when they need it since they are too sick to be a  student. These young men and women are in desperate need of funds and the Kyle Charvat Foundation  was formed to capture the enthusiasm for philanthropy that developed as a result of Kyle’s navigation  through the maze of the health care system.

You can read more about Kyle’s story here: About Kyle

What We Do: We understand that not everyone has a fraternity, family, or community to help when  this unthinkable situation occurs. If you or someone you care about is suffering from a life-threatening, malignant cancer and  has a financial need, we may be able to help. Anyone in the age group of 18 – 25 years old that has  been diagnosed with cancer can apply with the (very short) application form. Funding  may be applied to treatment, medications, travel, home-care, and just about any medical need.

How To Apply: Simply fill out the application form, it is brief by design (we know what you are going  through), and we may have questions for you or for your doctor.

How Long Does It Take: We commit to reviewing your application within 48 hours, and should have  an answer for you quickly (typically no more than a week). We know, first hand, that you do not have a  lot of time or energy to waste. We want to help!

The following are criteria to apply for distributions from the Foundation:

  • Current age between 18 & 25 years old
  • Diagnosed with any form of malignant, life-threatening cancer
  • Brief confirmation letter from physician (please see form letter)
  • In need of financial resources to help cover costs related to disease


Contact: apply@kylecharvatfoundation.org



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